Are you currently a property investor and are considering changing property managers? 


While everything may seem to be running fine on the surface, there can be signs that suggest it’s time to switch. Asking yourself these questions can be a good start to evaluating the quality of your property management service:


  • Are your communications responded to promptly, or do you have to follow up emails and calls?
  • Are you being charged fees that you didn’t know about initially?
  • Does rent come into your account consistently, or do you find it being transferred at different times each month?
  • Is your rent being evaluated every 12 months?
  • Are you receiving detailed routine inspections?
  • When renters move out, how long does it take for the property to be filled?
  • Are renters being screened from prior residencies?
  • Are repairs seen to promptly by quality, registered tradespeople?


Any of these points could be enough to consider a switch – you deserve the very best service from your property manager. If you feel you’re not getting that, it might be time to change. 


Common misconceptions about switching

Switching property managers isn’t a difficult process and property investors sometimes believe that if they switch it will disrupt their renters. If a property manager has a good transition process that considers the wellbeing of the renters, the switch may in fact lead to happier renters.

Other common misconceptions amongst property investors are:

· I have to wait until the current rental agreement is up before switching property managers

· I will have to find new renter for my property 

· A new lease will have to be signed by the current renters


By choosing Property Plus as your new property manager, the switching process is made easy. We’ll take care of everything moving forward including notifying your property manager and handling the transfer. We’ll arrange everything from preparing the paperwork to alerting your renters of the change to picking up keys. So you can sit back, relax and enjoy a fuss-free switch knowing you are being cared for by an experienced team.

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