Top tips for house preparation


Property Plus Consultants have collaborated to publish a self help guide, advising practical ways to go about planning, preparing and presenting a home for photography & inspections. Please ask us for a copy when we are conducting an appraisal on your home. Below are our top tips when starting to think about the selling process.


First Impressions

First and foremost your home needs to look appealing from the street before the For Sale sign goes up, initial impressions may be the difference in attracting the right buyer through your property. In many cases you are selling a feeling to the buyer, that emotion can achieve a higher price. 

Natural Light

Clean your windows and let in as much natural light as possible, create ambience - flowers on the table, maybe add some new cushions and throw rugs to give a feeling of being homely.


Clear halls and stairs of clutter. Store surplus furniture and clear out excess “junk” in cupboards. Remember, the less they have in them, the bigger they look. De-clutter bench tops, window sills, cabinets etc.


Prune your garden, rake up leaves, clean gutters, weed and edge gardens, clean out the garage and remove anything that is not appealing to the property Repair fences, clear out sheds, remove cobwebs, clean the home exterior and if there’s a pool, make sure it is looking pristine. Buyers don’t want to see a pool as a hindrance.


Maintenance & Cleanliness

Repair leaky taps and toilets, tighten door knobs and cupboard latches, replace burnt or blown light bulbs and oil squeaky doors. Clean and freshen all rooms. Steam clean carpets, clean windows, curtains and cooking facilities. Polish all tubs, basins, toilets, and wet areas.


Pets, smoking, dampness and cooking can all contribute to undesirable odours inside. Open your home and let the fresh air flow through before inspections. Fresh air is always best. Most of us love our pets, however buyers may not. It's best to keep pets restrained during inspection times.