Should I sell in Autumn?

Although spring is often considered the most popular season to sell property, autumn can be just as fruitful for sellers in its own ways. If you’re thinking about selling your home in the autumn, here are some reasons why it could be a great time to do so in Central Victoria.

The holiday madness is over

By autumn, potential buyers have had time to settle back into their regular work routine and their focus can return to bigger decisions like buying a new home. They have also had time to review and organise their finances and are therefore motivated to seriously consider purchasing a property.The more genuine buyers in the market, the higher your chances of landing a successful sale. Central Victoria is alive with tourists over the long weekends and Easter and this is a beautiful time of year with homes looking spectacular.

Less competition between vendors

Due to the high number of listings in the spring and summer seasons, what typically results is a “buyer’s market” - meaning that there is an oversupply of properties and thus more competition. On the contrary, because there are fewer listings in Autumn, the demand for houses results in an ideal “seller’s market” where less competition exists between properties and more competition exists between buyers. All this results in a higher final selling price for your home.

Optimal weather conditions

Unlike in summer and winter, the autumn weather is neither too cold nor too hot, and people like to be outside. Colourful trees and leaves provide a nice cosmetic boost and can play a key role in attracting attention to your outdoor areas. If potential buyers like what they see outside, they’ll be more inclined to view what’s inside as well. With more buyers attending your open for inspections, you’ll get more viewings and ultimately a higher chance of making a sale.

A final tip:

When it comes to selling your property, timing can be crucial. We recommend selling earlier in the season—preferably during March. April becomes less optimal because potential property buyers could be distracted by the school holidays, easter holidays and Anzac Day. Come May, the weather significantly cools down and the days get shorter. Many families also choose to go away at this time.

By putting your home on the market early, you’ll avoid holidays, cold weather and other potential conflicts that might otherwise be an obstacle to selling your home at its best price.

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Nathan Diss - Director

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